May 19, 2014

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer | Nelson & Jasmine Engagement


You’re probably going to hear me say this a lot this year… and it’s not my fault! This year seems to be the year that all my friends are getting married (yay!). So… here it goes…  Nelson and Jasmine, two very special and close friends of mine, are getting married in exactly 29 days! Words can not express how crazy excited I am (you will hear this again)!

Nelson and Jasmine’s history is the typical boy meets girl in high school, but with a little twist. Throughout their friendship, Jasmine was oblivious to Nelson’s one sided affection. Her reason for mistaking the charming guy’s attempts were, “I thought he was into men!?” Poor Nelson was bashed for his sense of fashion and being a little too connected to his feminine side. After Jasmine realized that Nelson wasn’t really into the same sex, she gave the guy a chance and now in a few short days they are getting married!

I’m so excited and happy that Nelson and Jasmine asked me to be their photographer. This will be my first time trying to balance both, photographer and guest. But with these two, I know they will make my job easy. Just look at them!

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