June 14, 2012

My Support Team


All week, I felt it, slowly creeping in. The unwelcoming nerves that churned in my stomach from the realization that I will be shooting my first official booked wedding this Saturday. I’ve been preparing myself with schedules and ideas, yet I still felt… disheartened.

It wasn’t until I voiced my feelings to Jorge that I realized I was being hard on myself.  Jorge saw this, and he knew. He smiles at me and says, you are an amazing photographer. Have some confidence in yourself. You might not have control of what happens that day and that’s ok. Just make the best of any given situation and learn from it. I know you’ll do great. Suddenly, all feelings of uncertainty were washed away…

Thank you, Jorge. You were right. I did not have any confidence in my work or in myself. I’ve got used to assisting as a second shooter and being on the sidelines. However, it’s my turn to take the lead. I may be nervous but I’m ready for this challenge. Knowing that I have someone like you supporting me, I feel I can conquer anything.

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