September 28, 2011

Lulu is 5 months!


I can’t believe it’s only been 5 months since we first got Lulu. She was only a month old when we got her. So small, vulnerable, and needy. I loved it when she was a baby. My favorite past time was watching her stumble as she ran after my sisters feet. When she caught up to my sister, she would just naw at her toes and wag her tiny tail in excitement. They grow so fast.

To celebrate Lulu’s 5 month birthday, I got her a meat flavored bone from the pet shop. Boy was she in love. As soon as I placed the bone down she would not move from that one spot. 10 minutes later, the bone was half gone! Lulu needs to learn how to salvage her treats. I also had bought her a green squeaky ball; her new favorite toy. So I brought her to the park and attempt to play fetch. Oh, she played. But she never brought the ball back. When we threw the ball, she would fetch it to a certain point. She would stay in place, with the ball in her mouth, waiting for you to chase her for the ball. Some how we ended up playing her game instead of her play ours? I think next time I need to bring treats, so we can bride her to return the ball to us. My Lulu enjoyed herself and that’s what matter the most. Happy 5 month birthday Lulu.

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