October 25, 2011

The Empire Club Wedding | Joseph & Crystal


She’s an owner of a beauty salon and he works for the United States Navy. Joesph came and go when he can, while Crystal held the fort, working on her business and home. Crystal utilized the time, when Joesph was away, to work on the salon – she started in a small leased space, putting all of her sweat and time into it, then moved her business to a larger space where the salon continues to grow. They both divide and conquer!

It’s not easy having the person you love gone for months at a time, unable to contact them when you wish, or the goodbyes when you’ve seen them for so little time. It takes a lot of strength to be able to withstand such great distance. But all of the endurance makes the relationship, the heart, their love so much stronger.

These two generous and beautiful people became one on October 16, 2011. I was lucky enough to be a guest with special access and record their special moments. The day was filled with love and happiness. Crystal radiated so much happiness and joy, making it almost impossible not smile when you looked at her.

Being there, for their beautiful day, made me want to be a wedding photographer more than ever. To be that person to capture their love was… overwhelming. The good type, haha.

I wish Joesph and Crystal nothing but happiness, prosperity, love and a healthy family. Congratulations!


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  1. Shametia

    December 3rd, 2011 at 4:52 PM

    These pictures are awesome. I am getting married at the Empire Club in less than 18 months and I was wondering what park did you take the pictures in?

  2. Vasquez

    December 9th, 2011 at 2:11 AM

    I forgot of the name of the park. It’s in Montclair, I believe it was called Brookdale Park.




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