February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!


There’s a huge possibility that after you’re done reading this post, I’m in a ditch somewhere…

I will admit, I drive my poor husband insane. I’m pretty sure I give him the same threat every year, “Jorge! If you buy me flowers, chocolates or do anything cliche for Valentines, I’m punching you in the throat!” Ok! Before you throw your chocolates at me, let me defend myself! I do not hate Valentines. I don’t like a forced attitude towards it. I feel that love is something that should be expressed everyday of the year, and a man should always treat his woman like she deserves to be treated — and that applies for women too!

I’ve been blessed that my husband is the type of man to get me flowers ‘just because’ and I come home to a cooked meal at least twice a week. If anything, for me, Valentines is appreciation day. I’m a corn-ball, I know. But throughout the year, Jorge does a lot for me… and puts up with a lot… for instance, like when your wife wants to dress up for no reason and have a mustache party and you play along just to make her happy. See! That’s love. And I love him more for accepting me and my randomness.

To My Jorge, thank you. Thank you for being a supportive husband, for loving me for who I am, and having random mustache parties. I love you.

Happy Valentines Day, Poohbear!

Don’t judge, everyone wants a mustache! (Jorge is going to kill me for posting these)

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