February 12, 2013

CreativeLive & Restart

I can not wait for tomorrow’s episode two of ReSTARt! Ever since I discovered CreativeLIVE through Jasmine Star’s blog, I’ve been hooked! CreativeLive is a community of experience entrepreneurs who host workshops for photography, business, software design, etc. The best part of it all… it’s FREE! Yup! I said it. F-r-e-e! When you subscribe to a workshop, you get e-mail notifications on any updates and when it will air. If you happen to miss a workshop, you have the option to purchase it at any given time. How awesome is that!?

What I love the most of CreativeLIVE is how they help new people in the industry, such as myself, by simply sharing. I couldn’t be more grateful that there is a community that believes in sharing knowledge. Some of the workshops I’ve “attended” were taught by Zach and Jody Gray, Sue Bryce,¬†Khara Plicanic and Jasmine Star. I also learned how to properly calibrate my monitor by attending the color management workshop. Seriously, they teach everything!

ReSTARt is about how new photographers or photographers who been stuck on a plateau, take their business and remold it.  One of my favorite photography mentor, Jasmine Star, shares her story of her beginnings and what helped her thrive in the photography business. Jasmine teaches the importance of branding and how to give your clients the ultimate experience.

Since I’ve started ReSTARt, I’ve gained a better understanding of what branding is. It’s not my logo or my website — although it helps doll it up — my brand is what I bring to the table. It’s ME! I also learned how I can better accomplish getting my branded photos by previsualizing my words (words that describe my brand: intimate, fun and classy) and producing it by guiding my clients into the action.

One huge change I made, and seen immediate results, is how I respond to potential new clients. I learned how to balance between being myself and being a professional. And what a difference it makes! I had thought that by simply being myself, the clients will accept me as is… no, no… that’s not always the case. I am guilty of either being all business, or too… me-ish? If that makes sense? It feels good to find that balance and not second guess myself before sending an email!

So like I said, I can not wait until tomorrow’s episode and see what Jasmine has in store! It’s hard trying to make something you love into a living. And I honestly love that Jasmine, CreativeLIVE and many other photographers are open and willing to share with the experience, inexperienced and hobbyists of the photography community.

One day, I will be experienced enough to share my own photography ventures… one day!

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