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Tim and cara's winter wedding at the ballroom at the ben

Grounds for Sculpture Engagement Photos | Dominic & Julia

Julia knew she wanted to marry Dominic, but didn’t know when he planned to pop the big question. She also didn’t think it would happen any time soon since Dom was in the midst of his busy season at work. So when Dom took off one Saturday to watch the masters – his other love affair, golf – Julia thought nothing of it.

The couple were suppose to get brunch with friends but instead Julia insisted on going to the gym. Dom kept suggesting that she rest, but a girl needs to get her work out in! After coming back from a good session at the gym, Julia walked into a trail full of rose petals leading to Dom. And there he stood on one knee while Julia stood in shock still sweaty with messy hair bun and all.¬† After a cheerful ‘yes’, the couple decided to have brunch to celebrate their new chapter. But the surprises were not over! As the couple made their way to brunch, Julia found herself standing in a room of the people they held dear to them. Now it was time to celebrate!

I am so excited for the next season of life for Julia and Dom! These two were a pleasure to work with as we walked around the grounds for sculpture. We had plenty of laughs as we tried to figure out what statue and art work meant what, which also made for some cool spots for photos. Here are a few favorites of the charming couple.

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