June 22, 2016

Greenwood Gardens Engagement | Dan & Jesse



To say Dan was excited that he was going to get his fill of cuddles with Jesse was an understatement. The man adored her, so any chance that Dan could wrap his arms around his fiancée was a win in his book. The bantering and teasing between the couple was normal and adorable! As Dan teased and embraced his soon to be wife, Jesse held a permanent smile as she shook her head at her outrageous but loving fiancé. Insert “awww audience here”.

Jesse and I go back to the high school days. We’ve occasionally shared a few classes here and there in the 4 years spent in Clifton High School. She’s always been the kind hearted person I’ve known her for, and I’m so glad that that hasn’t changed. Spending a beautiful Spring evening with Dan and Jesse as a couple was fun from the moment we stepped out our cars. I can only imagine how their wedding will be this August, and I can’t wait!


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