August 16, 2012

Branding: Photography Labs


One of the toughest challenges I’ve come across is knowing where to go for your prints, canvas and albums. It’s  over whelming when you Google search for a lab — not only are there so many options, you’re stuck with guessing which one will best represent your brand. Fortunately for me, photographers I’ve worked with recommend some labs. Part of me feels like I cheated some how; instead of going through trial and error, I was granted permission to see the quality of these labs. And thanks to them, I found myself a  good lab with WHCC.

I am not saying that WHCC is the best lab there is, but for now, it meets my needs, and I feel that their quality of their work best represents me. And since I’m in the process of defining my brand, their ROES system allows me to add my own templates. Score.

Just recently, I ordered a DVD & DVD case for Jon & Jaclyn — when it first came in the mail, my first reaction was, OoOo… Ahhhh. I  hope they have the same reaction when they receive it.

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