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Starting the New Year right! (Kinda, sorta)

Hi. Remember me? I’m the lady that owns this blog. To say I’ve been slacking in the blogging department is an understatement. My Excuse? Well, I have one, but it doesn’t change the fact that I’m a slacker! Yeah… Don’t you worry, I’m going to hold myself accountable for this one. I’m actually not proud of the fact I have neglected my blog; my blog is symbolic to me in many ways.

Since it’s still the beginning of the New Year, it’s time to get my ish together! 2014 was a great year for my business; I had the honor of working with some amazing brides and grooms, attended workshops, joined Wedding Wire, and learned of new ways to improve my little business. Since I’m a list kind of gal, this week I sat down and wrote down some goals for 2015.

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Although each goal is important, there are 4 that really matter the most to me.

1. Time management.

Time. It’s the one precious thing that we always say we don’t have enough of. And it’s true, but even if we had “more” time, will it ever be enough? I need to refine my time management skills. I want to spend more time with my husband, Logan and family, but to do that I need to create a schedule and stick to it. I guess you can also add some self discipline to the mix.

2. Improve client experience

My past/present/future bride and groom’s experience is the utmost important. Think about it. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to do what I love! So it’s important that I constantly look for ways to connect and keep them happy.

3. Blog, blog, blog!

I use to love blogging. Then it became low on my priority list… to nonexistence. I believe this goes in hand with time management and client experience. Although getting my clients their photos is high on the list, sending them a preview of their wedding day is also part of the “experience”. I plan to take a difference approach to blogging this year. The goal to to blog at least once a week — if I can get two in, then I have a jar of fresh chocolate chip cookies waiting for me! (and I mean a few… not the whole jar, you know.)

4. Publish the website

So a while ago, during one of Jasmine Star‘s online workshop, she said, “Your website is your handshake, and your blog is your voice“. Well, it’s time that I create a firm handshake! This is going to take some time and will be a bit of a process, but I’m excited to finally have an identity on the web!

This turned out to be a lengthy post. But I feel good and motivated. This year will be a great year. I hope you had a wonderful start to the New Year! May your dreams be fulfilled and surrounded by joy and love!

Whoo hoo, now time for some fresh cookies!


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