February 18, 2016

Pennypacker Mill Engagement | James & Megan



He was smitten with her. Like, I love the smell of you, can’t wait to hold you, stay by my side always kind of smitten.  And come on ladies, who doesn’t love love like that!? Wouldn’t it be nice if most men’s minds worked that way? Megan is certainly one lucky lady to be cherished as so.

Jim found his darling soon to be wife online. They were both registered on a dating site and found each other almost immediately. It didn’t take long for Megan to figure out that Jim was just the guy she was looking for. And since their first date, they’ve been inseparable.

Meeting Jim and Megan on Skype was such a delight, but meeting them in person was even better! When I told Jim to cuddle Megan, the man did not hold back… the cuteness was real! We met at Pennypacker Mill where the foliage backdrop was just !!! We had a great time talking about everything and anything under the moon. The evening had such a sense of peace to it. It’s the same feeling you get when you’re outside on a chilly day and as your take that deep breath, refreshing cold air enters your lungs, where its comforting and welcomed.

Reason number 56 of why I love what I do… thanks to people like Jim and Megan!


Oh Megan, you know you are gorgeous girl!


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