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Our Newest Addition | Logan Malave

I have pictures of him flooding my Facebook and Instagram. He’s really hard to miss; he’s insanely adorable, complete with a cute little nose, and super soft fur. He’s our newest member of the family, our puppy, Logan!

For a while now, Jorge and I have been tossing the idea of getting a dog; part of it may had to do with the fact that I’ve been begging for one since 2012. We’d both wanted a dog for different reasons — I, a dog lover, grew up with a dog in the family for most of my life, so it was natural to complete our family with a loyal furry member. For Jorge, he never had a dog, and the more he thought about it the more he enjoyed the idea of having a companion during his jogs and hiking trips. As soon as he mentioned the possibility of adopting a puppy… that was all I needed…

On the weekend of our 10 year anniversary, I told Jorge we should look at pet shops to get an idea of the kind of breed we would like to adopt. German Shepards are usually first choice in our family, but we wanted something different — a dog that will fit us and our lifestyle.  After going from pet shop to pet shop, cuddling and playing with different dogs, we were about to call it a day when we found him. Our no name puppy was quite and to himself.  We watched from a distance as puppies picked on him and visitors played with him. Although he was crazy adorable, we started to became uncertain of his mopy behavior, until he saw us. No-name-puppy went straight to Jorge, and started wagging his tail, whining to be pet. It was like HE was waiting for US. I know it may be wishful thinking, but we instantly felt a connection to him.

Since the day we adopted Logan, our lives have not been the same… Our Great Pyrenees and Australian Cattle dog mix loves to chew destroy our socks, play with his squeak toy all morning (I do not understand why Jorge bought that toy!), run away with my undergarments, and wake us up with wet kisses. We had no clue what we were signing up for when we adopted him, but we couldn’t be happier!

A special thank you to Ashely from Ashley Errington Photography, for taking our family photos the day we got Logan (3 months old)!


The next morning: my heart melts every time I see this photo. It was his first night in our home!


Logan meets Lulu, my parent’s German Shepherd (iPhone photo).


We really tried to keep him off the sofa… but he was too adorable to say no to… Logan 1, Jorge/Vanessa 0. Oh and that door in the middle of our couch, kills me! Who builds a storage closet in the middle of the living room wall?!


This photo is Logan in begging mode. Yup… he wants to remind you that you’re his pal, and he has your back if you decide to drop a little food. Oh and if you’re wondering, yes, that’s one of the socks that he committed a hate crime against. (iPhone)



Christmas tree hunting with Logan. Look how huge he is at 5 months!


These next few photos was me playing with film (Fuji 400H). He makes a wonderful test subject, wouldn’t you say?

7304000673040017Untitled-6 copy7304002473040029

My favorite. Logan has a special bond with Jorge. He almost never leaves his side, unless he want cuddles from mommy of course. :)


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  1. Arica says:

    He’s adorable! We have a beagle that I’m insanely in love with! I want to give yours a hug.



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