April 1, 2013

Happy Easter Monday


Growing up, Easter was a big deal in our house. Every year my mother would buy Destiny and I big frilly dresses completed with lace gloves, baby doll shoes, and large white sun hats. After twirling around in our pretty little outfits, scuffing up our white patent leather shoes, my mother would remind us that if we didn’t behave during Sunday service,¬†she will not let us indulge in yellow peeps or let us decorate our eggs. So of course, as any 9 and 3 year old would do, we were at our best behavior… that was until your little sister wages war on you by constantly pulling on the bow of your dress. So in return you tie hers to her seat (heehee). Easter brings nothing but great memories.

This Easter, there were no peeps, frilly dresses or sibling abuse. Just me, Jorge, Oppa and Bunny. And since we’re still looking for a church in our area and have yet set any traditions in our home, we spent the day relaxing. :)

Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

My not-so baby bunnies, Bunny & Oppa. Love them!

Bunny enjoying her freedom. The most gorgeous Lion-head Rabbit everrr.

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