October 5, 2016

Green Lane Park Engagement | Dave & Nicole



His attraction to her was instant. Although they had shared the same dorm building at Stockton college, Dave haven’t seen Nicole around until one night he was hanging out his buddies who also happened to be friends of Nicole. Bumping into the beautiful and outgoing girl was the best things that happened to him during his freshman year.¬†Fast forward to 6 years later, it was during one of their many hikes that Dave got down on one knee and asked Nicole to do forever with him.

Oh yes, the chemistry is real between these two! They are adorable and incredibly sweet. At the start of Spring, I met Dave and Nicole at the same exact park that Dave asked Nicole to marry him. They would not stop smiling — I’m not sure if it was my cheesy jokes or the fact that they were taking a stroll down memory lane! But nonetheless, we had a great time together talking about the great outdoors and their wedding plans coming this¬†October!!! Here are a few favorites of their engagement at the Green Lane Park.


When Nicole asked if they can take a photo at the same exact spoke Dave proposed, I was like, “Um, yeah!!!”. These two!!!


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