August 30, 2012

A shower filled with love, gifts & sangrias


I couldn’t explain the anxiety that was seeping in. I knew what the day was — it was my bridal shower. It wasn’t a surprise since my sister blatantly told me to free the 25th for her. And when she didn’t give me a reason, I knew.  So why the jitters? It’s cause I’m getting married! I’ve been planning and coordinating the wedding from PA, and with the help from my sister, I was able to get a lot done; allowing me to enjoy the wedding bliss instead of turning into a Bridezilla. When I started to get dress for my bridal shower, that’s when it hit me. Hard. I’m getting married! In 2 1/2 months, a new chapter in my life begins. Oh geez… here is comes again.

Now, for some shout outs to everyone who made this day possible. I would like to send out special thanks to my bridal party, thank you for putting up with me and being so supportive. A HUGE thank you to my sister, for your time, dedication and the preparations to making my bridal shower absolutely beautiful — you are truly the best. To my Mom and Dad for helping Dee with everything (Mom, you did an awesome job with the centerpieces, I loved them!). And lastly, thank you to everyone who came and made this day so special. If I was extra emotional that day, blame it on the sangrias!

I tried to snag a few photos of the day, but the camera was taken from me when it was time to open gifts. Thank you, Jane, for grabbing some candids for me.


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