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Tim and cara's winter wedding at the ballroom at the ben

Abington Art Center Wedding | Tyler & Victoria

Grey clouds loomed over the Abington Art Center during Tyler and Victoria’s wedding day. Thankfully the rain stayed at bay and the sweet couple were able to enjoy their outdoor wedding to the fullest. We had such a wonderful time with the couple’s family and friends, capturing such a heartfelt celebration. Here are some favorites of this beautiful Fall wedding!

The proposal:

Tyler and Victoria were in Interlaken, Switzerland when Victoria wanted to go on a glacier trek/ ice climbing excursion. The couple plus Victoria’s sister packed up to get ready for what they didn’t know would be an adventure that they would talking about for a lifetime. With two guides by their sides, they were trekking along the glacier and about half way up Tyler took a step when the glacier gave out beneath him. He fell into a crevasse. All five were harnessed to each other when they felt the rope jerk. Victoria was behind Tyler so she saw her boyfriend disappear, she immediately sunk down to her knees and caught all his weight on the harness. With her sister in front of Tyler, she was instantly pulled backwards by the rope and went into the crevasse after Tyler. One of the guides was in front of Victoria’s sister and managed to get his ice pick into the ground and caught them from the other side. A long story short, a rescue team came and pulled Tyler and her sister out. They couldn’t get off the glacier fast enough.

After a day filled with highs and lows, their group went to get drinks to calm their nerves. And once the adrenaline wore off, Victoria decided to put food in her. Meanwhile Tyler used that chance to grab the ring and use her sister to distract Victoria for a moment. As her sister forced her and Tyler to take a photo in front of their hostel, Tyler took that very moment to get down on one knee and asked Victoria to spend forever with him. Victoria didn’t put together what was happening, and assumed that Tyler was having a delayed panic attack after the glacier incident. But once she process what he was asking and doing, she said yes!

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