March 11, 2013

A Journey to 25


When Nicole woke up the morning of her 25th birthday, I doubt she had a scavenger hunt in mind. Last week, Nicole’s boyfriend, Victor, arranged Nicole’s birthday with little surprises through out the day. I thought that was the cutest idea ever! Victor would text Nicole with cute little quotes telling her where to be at what time. Sometimes, the friends were involved, like me!

Towards the end of her day, Nicole was surprised to see me in Hoboken. I came out of my car with a dozen balloons to meet the smiling birthday girl. From there, it was my turn to distract her and document her coming of age.

Happy Birthday, Nicole! Now that you are 1/4 of a century old you can… hmmm… You can rent a car now! ¬†Sorry, all the fun and legit stuff was when we turned 21… I hope you had a wonderful and fabulous birthday! I am so happy I was there to share it with you! With love – Nessa

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