Meet the artist

I am your not-so-average girl who goes out of her way to step on crunchy leaves. A Latina who knows maybe 20 words in Spanish and indulge in too many Snickers. A woman known for her vibrant personality, a love for unicorns, and adventurous heart. 

I love serving the world by spreading joy and love to everyone I meet. I enjoy encouraging others to create their own happiness, it's one of the reasons why I quit the nursing program to become a photographer. 

I am passionate about love, family, and friends. I believe in living in the moment, handwritten notes, and that no morning is complete without coffee!

When I’m not photographing beautiful stories, you can find this extroverted introvert at home with a book or hanging out with my dashing husband -- and second photographer -- Jorge. Of course I can’t forget our beast of a mutt, Logan. He makes our lives a bit more interesting one day at a time. 

LOVERs OF coffee,unicorns, HANDWRITTEN NOTES, AND Adventure

A little more about me...

I'm a hopeless romantic. I can watch Pride & Prejudice every day and never get sick of it -- I adore happily ever afters, and is a believer that love conquers all!

Indulges way too much in waffles & ice cream.

Is a Jersey Girl at heart. Born & raised in Clifton, New Jersey, I can guarantee you will find Bon Jovi on my playlist.

I love fashion! And Kate Spade is my weakness... there's no overcoming the need to go in and find my next accessory.

I enjoy decorating our home and DIY projects. HGTV is on about 75% of the time.






It's crazy to wrap my head around the fact that I've been with my husband, Jorge, since we were 16 years old! We met one Sunday at church, and since then, we've grown together in so many ways. How he survives my loud and vibrant personality? No one knows! But every day spent together is a blessing. I honestly could not imagine spending forever with anyone else. 

My husband,

In life, you can have all the material items in the world but what’s left at the end of our lives are the experiences we had and whom we shared it with. Living in the moment is big for me -- and it’s what originally inspired me to document my life. I want to see the world, jump out of airplanes (which I did), snowboard on the mountains of Colorado, watch the sunset in Tuscany, and make new friends!


Our Great Pyrenees, Australian Cattle dog is a cuddly fur beast whose energy levels are off the walls! And he does not know the meaning of a nap! The 90 lbs beast is called, Logan. Although this pup can drive us nuts, he's one of the best additions to our family... for the most part, just hide your socks!

Logan, our mutt

Fact: I love purses, shoes & collecting anything with unicorns. My husband jokes that we would lose our apartment before I sold my purses, and well, he’s right! We all have that one thing… I just think he’s jealous that my shoes have more closet space than his clothes. As for the unicorns, maybe it's the dreamer in me!

Kate Spade & Unicorns

Things  that  bring me joy


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